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Vital Secrets
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Vital Secrets Don Gutteridge This is the third novel in the action packed Marc Edwards mysteries, set during the rebellions of 1830s Upper Canada A follow up to Turncoat and Solemn Vows.. Vital Secrets This is the third novel in the action packed Marc Edwards mysteries set during the rebellions of s Upper Canada A follow up to Turncoat and Solemn Vows
  • Title: Vital Secrets
  • Author: Don Gutteridge
  • ISBN: 9781439163719
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vital Secrets Don Gutteridge

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      405 Don Gutteridge
    Vital Secrets

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    1. Arthur says:

      I m having trouble learning about this Canadian author No he wasn t the American baseball player This writer is a poet and Canadian writer I was quite surprise by his existence finding it on the shelf at the library But this story would be the third in its series I ll have to go back and re read the first two when I find time For now I m happy I read this first book where it left off much to be said between the two main characters I know I would like seeing a following book after this elevation [...]

    2. Cybercrone says:

      Good story and I gave it an extra bump up because it stays true to the political realities of the era It s the most fun way to get a good idea of Canadian political history, reading a good whodunit, with a side story of the guy finally getting the girl.

    3. Carlene Cayenne says:

      If you like Historic mysteries you will like this one Not only is it written by a Canadian, he is also a professor of Canadian history The year is 1832 and it s based in Canada when it was Upper and Lower Canada I ve learned a lot reading this series Our history is varied and exciting just like any country and we need to know what has happened in the past so we can move forward in the future Aside from that little bit I think people who historial mysteries will like this series

    4. Glenna says:

      I love this series, written by my former Faculty of Education English professor Set in Upper Canada in the early 18th century, Don Gutteridge brings his characters and the time period to life Great historical fiction.

    5. Gillian says:

      Was excited to find out that there are books in this series They are fun, interesting and informative.

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