Caroline Fyffe
Where the Wind Blows
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Where the Wind Blows Caroline Fyffe Chase Logan lives by no man s leave, a solitary drifter who closed off his heart long ago until the day he impulsively does a kindness for a beautiful young widow, and everything changes.For two years, Jessie Strong has dreamt of the day she could bring little Sarah home from the orphanage and call the child her own But when her husband dies, Jessie fears the family sheChase Logan lives by no man s leave, a solitary drifter who closed off his heart long ago until the day he impulsively does a kindness for a beautiful young widow, and everything changes.For two years, Jessie Strong has dreamt of the day she could bring little Sarah home from the orphanage and call the child her own But when her husband dies, Jessie fears the family she s longed for is slipping away until Chase Logan unexpectedly comes to her rescue By pretending to be her husband, Chase can make all of her dreams come true.Three days are all she asks of him Three days to ignite a love neither of them ever imagined possible.Number of Pages 283. Where the Wind Blows Chase Logan lives by no man s leave a solitary drifter who closed off his heart long ago until the day he impulsively does a kindness for a beautiful young widow and everything changes For two years
  • Title: Where the Wind Blows
  • Author: Caroline Fyffe
  • ISBN: 9781612187129
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where the Wind Blows Caroline Fyffe

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      479 Caroline Fyffe
    Where the Wind Blows

    1 Blog on “Where the Wind Blows

    1. Ðawn says:

      DNF 40%Thought this had a virgin hero It did not It is also a clean read Found out a little late Was deceived by a list that had this under virgin heros.Other things I did not like was the heros past with women constantly being thrown out and the fact he was hung up on a woman he loved who had died.Not for meWrong.The story itself is meh the 2 stars Bored.

    2. Kathleen says:

      Did not finish, but got halfway through I bought this because I ve been on a Western romance kick stories involving kids This book fit the bill, set near Cheyenne, Wyoming about 1877, with two orphans playing major secondary roles After buying the Kindle e book, I got the audio from Audible for just an extra 1.99 Thank goodness, because the best thing about this whole deal is the narrator Phil Gigante is top drawer The story gets 2 stars, but his performance gets 4 not crazy about how he portray [...]

    3. Nadine Jones says:

      A completely mediocre romance set in Wyoming Territory, 1887 or thereabouts Handsome Chase rides into town to tell cute little Jessie that her husband has died Jessie lives way outside the edge of town Plot device plot device plot device, then the two find themselves very attracted to each other, and forced to marry to save Jessie s reputation This is entertaining enough, but I find there is no sense of time and place I want mention of how hard life was back then, what Jessie Chase have to do e [...]

    4. Kathy says:

      I picked this up because it was labeled clean It was a sweet story and while not squeaky clean it was not offensive to me Mild religious elements but not preachy A little sappy in places but enjoyable and I would read another by this author.Content mild language, non descriptive fade to black sex scene between a married coupleSource Kindle Unlimited

    5. Mary Turner says:

      I really LOVED this story

    6. Linda says:

      Two wounded people A setting that could have been real A simple love story.Chase Logan is not the perfect looking hero A drifter and somewhat weather beaten he is on a mission He knows right from wrong and is left with the job of telling his partner s wife that her husband has died He wants to finish his business and move on but then he hasn t met Jessie and Sarah yet People who will chip away at his heart.Jessie has one goal in mind to keep Sarah and love her Chase comes along and weaves himsel [...]

    7. Lea's Audiobooks Hensley says:

      4 1 2 stars good old fashioned Western performed by Phil Gigante A definite one I ll listen to again.

    8. Colleen Jorgensen says:

      loved this charming book Moves easily and effortlessly throughout the entire story, holding my interest.

    9. Toni FGMAMTC says:

      2.5 starsThis wasn t really my kind of story, but I do recommend it to anyone needing a break from all the sex and dramatics in a lot of the romance these days It s clean and sweet, but it s pretty predictable It s kinda like a book version of a Hallmark show.

    10. Shanna Hatfield says:

      Caroline Fyffe s debut novel is well worth the read I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be checking into her other novels.Since it falls into my favorite genre of historic romance, I couldn t quite help myself when I saw it was available for a free Kindle download You never know what to expect with some of the freebies you get, but I was hooked from the beginning.The novel tells the story of Chase Logan, a good man who just can t quite let himself set down any roots, and Jessie Strong, a young woma [...]

    11. Evelyn says:

      When loner cowboy Chase Logan rides out to find Jessie Strong and tell her that she s now a widow, the last thing he expects to do his stay and pretend that he s her husband so that she can adopt two children from the orphanage in which she grew up.Chase finds himself inexplicably drawn to Jessie and her new daughter Sarah, as well his ranch duties Can it be that he is ready to settle down I read this for romance writers awards and really enjoyed it Chase and Jessie are likeable characters and t [...]

    12. Sue says:

      Three and a half stars Very, very sweet story While the writing was generally good, there was a problem with the over use of similes and too corny western speak When Ms Fyffe let the little darlin speak go, it was a lovely little love story about two decent people trying to live a good life.

    13. Kristi says:

      My Rating PG mild violence A sweet story A breath of fresh air for a change Logan ChaseJessie Strong

    14. Carolyn Vandine west says:

      I loved this sweet book just a fun read even though there was serious content it was just plain fun and enjoyable If real life didn t interfere it would have been finished earlier I will be reading of her books in the future, first book I read by this new to me author.

    15. Sandy M says:

      Every now and then a book comes along that is just so tender, so lovely you can t help the emotions that roll through you Every now and then an author comes along, who can write such a story successfully This is one of those books A story of tender love growing between two strangers thrown together by circumstance and who try to make the best of things Caroline Fyffe is an author to keep your eye on This is her debut book, so her future definitely looks very bright.Chase Logan is a loner, a cowb [...]

    16. Melissa says:

      I wasn t expecting much from this story and ended up liking it a lot then I thought I would For a romance novel it had good characters and depth I ended up liking these two and really hoping for a happy outcome for both of them This was a Christian romance only because they believed in God and prayed There was no preaching it was of an underlining current that ran threw the book This book was fairly clean, there was one sex scene that was there but not too detailed, but you know what was happe [...]

    17. Netanella says:

      I really liked this book, much than I expected Nice surprise, there, in fact Chase Logan is a down to earth, sexy cowboy who comes to town to tell a young woman that she s been recently widowed Events conspire to keep the two together in a charming, touching way I think that s probably the best way to describe this book charming and delightful I will definitely pick up another from Caroline Fyffe.

    18. Kathy says:

      This is the first book I have read by Caroline Fyffe and it will definitely not be my last I loved Jessie and Chase s story I was drawn in by the raw beauty of the historical west she described as well as the individual characters This is a sweet, tender romance that will touch your heart as well as your soul I loved every second of it and can t wait to read by this talented author

    19. Theresa Ragan says:

      I ready this book way back when and I can still easily conjure up the characters in my mind I adored Chase and Jessie Caroline Fyffe writes the kind of books that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    20. JaNeen says:

      I just accidentally found this book and I am so glad I did It was so captivating that I could not put it down It was a clean western romance my favortite I just loved all the characters I will remember this author

    21. Gail Jicinsky says:

      I can t believe this is her debut novel I can t believe this is her debut novel What a great story,with so many mini stories unfolding and entwined throughout This would make a great movie or tv series I highly recommend Where the Wind Blows.

    22. Laura says:

      It was a cute storyline although a little hard to believe One short love scene that started to make me skim but since the couple was married, I was just ok with it Still a fun read for those who like a mystery, action, wild west romance.

    23. Lindsay says:

      This is a must for anyone who loves a great western historical romance.

    24. Stephanie Thomson says:

      I enjoyed this read, it kept me entertained and it was a nice distraction Lately I have been in the mood for a light clean romance and this hit the spot along with the second book in the series.

    25. Jarizona says:

      I love this story.

    26. Michele says:

      Plotless, of a saga, than a novel Chase and Jessie are deserving of their happily ever after.

    27. Michelle Rowe says:

      Love her writing style and story lines

    28. Sherron says:

      Free on Kindle today

    29. SheLove2Read says:

      Nothing to write home about.

    30. Anne OK says:

      Another great western and I can t wait for the next book.

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