Sarah Beth Durst
Fire and Heist
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Fire and Heist Sarah Beth Durst A YA novel about a girl with a big secret She comes from a family of were dragons who must steal their first treasure hoard to gain power and acceptance, but while attempting her first heist, she uncovers a dark truth about were dragon society that is valuable and dangerous than any gold or jewels.. Fire and Heist A YA novel about a girl with a big secret She comes from a family of were dragons who must steal their first treasure hoard to gain power and acceptance but while attempting her first heist she unco
  • Title: Fire and Heist
  • Author: Sarah Beth Durst
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  • Page: 381
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  • Fire and Heist Sarah Beth Durst

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      Were dragons o.OOmg DRAGONS.

    2. Scrill says:

      12 31 2017Okay, it s practically 2018 now When s the release date Helloooo Can t we get information about this yet 9 25 2017It s got dragons It s got a heist.Let me rephrase thatIt s got thieving dragons

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      2018 Ugh When are we going to get information on this Release date, cover, anything

    4. Alyssa says:

      Thank you, Jessi, for once again inflating my TBR DAlso I loooovedVessel.

    5. Jessi (Novel Heartbeat) says:

      You had me at were dragons grabby hands

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      Were dragons O.O

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